Hater Dating App Review



An overview


Currently, there exists the uncountable number of dating applications and dating sites. Their main aim is to join two individuals or groups that have common ties. The common algorithm for matching these two parties is that they have common interests.

The recently launched dating application, Hater app, however, has taken a different approach in hooking up individuals; the common thing between the people being hatred. Can love develop between parties who find that they hate the same things? That is what the hater dating technology is pegged on.

The latest dating application, which has taken a different matching algorithm from other dating apps is less than a month old yet has managed to attract approximately 200 000 users, courtesy of the Business Insider. From Feb. 8th when it was formally launched, it’s currently the leading lifestyle application in Germany.

Background of Hater App


Hater, the new dating app was initiated by Brendan Alper, formerly a banker but now works as a comedy writer. When he came bumped on a survey that revealed that people who hate the same things, normally forms close ties, Mr. Alper became innovative and sketched the idea for a show before implementing it into an application.

Can you recall on the size of the crowd that gathered to detest the election of President Donald Trump? The fact is when people get furious over an issue; they tend to identify with one another! This idea was previously echoed by the research carried out at the University of Oklahoma. The study revealed that shared negative feelings about a third person would promote interpersonal unity than shared positive emotions.

Dating is all about having mutual enjoyment, so it is not unusual to find close ties developing with someone who detests what you also do.

Hater Dating Requirements



Just like all other dating application, hater app users must also own a Facebook account. After a user has signed using his Facebook account, he is presented with a basic profile. He is then allowed to add other finer details for example what he likes to his profile. The App automatically retrieves your Facebook profile image and uses it on the hater profile.

The app then gives you a tutorial on how to make the four hater swipes and what they mean.

The issues you can vote on or swipe using the hater app.

For the new user, the dating app will avail you so many topics to swipe on. However, the items to be swiped on are controlled by the hater team. The new member has a wide choice from which to swipe on, approximately 3000 issues.

That is why the control team will randomly pick on the topics to present to any given user at a time, so as to determine his likes and dislikes and hence search for similar haters on the same subjects.

Among the issues to vote on for likes or dislikes are the following:

  • Prominent politicians
  • Famous celebrities
  • Top musicians
  • Major companies
  • Twitter tweeters
  • Classmates

Hater Dating App Swipes




When a user has voted on the presented topics or issues, the app then uses that list to locate his possible matches. The Hater dating app has an algorithm, which relies on your hated subjects to look for a similar person who has hatred for the same issues.

The user is then presented with the profiles of his match. To show your interests on the displayed persons, just like on Tinder dating app, you have to swipe on the images.

But unlike swiping on other dating apps, which are either left or right, hater swipes are more extensive and involve the following:

Leftward swipe on a person means you are not interested in him

Rightward swipe on a person indicates a keen interest in the swiped profile; hence you are willing to have him as your match.

Downward swipe on a topic means you hate that particular issue

Upward swipe means you love the theme you have swipe on.

Once a member has shown interest in a particular profile by swiping right, the receiving party is notified. If he likes you too, he will then notify you, and a chatting then begins.



Hater’s Algorithm for Locating Matches


Hater dating application has stood out among other apps for matching individuals based on having a mutual hatred on particular topics or issues, as indicated on persons profile details.

Apart from taking into account of two people hating the same thing, the matching also is done based on the following criteria:

  • Location; the app will match you with an individual within your location and has hatred on the things you also detest.
  • Age; in matching two individuals, the software also takes into account the age bracket of the parties involved. Normally, it is common to find individuals of certain age group having common dislikes for example on politics.
  • Mutual interests

After performing a search, the app will display on the screen the following profile details for whom you are to be matched to:

  • His profile photo
  • His age
  • How far he is from you
  • The percentage of questions the two of you gave the same answer.

A rating of 87% means that you share so much on what you hate.

Based on the above factors it is possible for the two linked individuals to have so much in common and therefore engaged in long conversation to dig further into their feelings on the common issues affecting their surroundings or life.

The application can help you identify those to share most of your free time with who won’t object your feelings and hence leaving your heart broken the morning after.



The Forbidden Topics on Hater App


Even though the app allows you to express your hatred on many issues, it does prohibit those that touch on racial segregation or ethnicity and showing contempt for individuals based on their socioeconomic background.

From the profile details, you can know the approximate location of your partner, how compatible the two of you are, due to the topics earlier swiped. You can also view and exchange photos with your match just like on other applications.


Unique Features of Hater App




  • The software gives the user an opportunity to take a shot using the hater camera, filter out the parts you don’t want. You can then write down a comment on the photo and share your hate with your matches.
  • Hater permits its users to get live streaming of feeds from the individuals they follow on the social media.
  • Friends using this app can freely interact, chat, exchange hates and pose comments or various hot issues
  • The users can search and keep track on the changing trend in hated topics
  • Subscribers of the app can also Geotag and hashtag on whatever and wherever they dislike.
  • Through the app, a person can pose a hate rant then distribute it to his followers.
  • Using the Alter ego, one can post an anonymous hate.
  • Since the app is linked to one’s social page, it is possible to tell the approximate age and location of any user.


Currently Hot Hater Topics 


Even though the app is relatively recent, so far the most hated issues and themes have revolved around slow drivers, bullies, and the US President Donald Trump.

How to initiate a conversation on hater App

The principal purpose of matching two individuals on dating applications is for the parties to identify with each other’s interests or hate for this matter. This is only possible through conversation.

So how do you gain the confidence and initiate a conversation on a Hater profile? Unlike other dating Apps like Tinder, hater will help you begin that first conversation or initial message to set you rolling; you can either use the icebreaker fill in messages that come with the App or rely on the computer randomly generated questions.


Pros and Cons of Hater Dating App



  • Meeting someone who hates what you also do creates some instant connection and gratification. You kind of feel he understands your feelings. That is the best thing about Hater app.
  • It is very entertaining using the App. It’s also a good way of passing the time just like playing cards
  • finding someone who shares in your hate is very relieving
  • The app can help you approximate on the age and location for those subscribed to the application.



  • The dating app is relatively new and lately launched in the USA. This means that the issues to be swiped on are still not so relevant outside the country.
  • The App is exclusively available for iOS users and not Android devices compatible
  • Since it is still new, the App has not yet been rolled in other languages apart from English.
  • For someone not to get bored with the app, it calls for good conversational skills.


Hater app, formerly launched in February has sunk in the minds of many individuals and became very addictive in countries like USA and Germany.